Important Steps To Successful Asbestos Roof Removal

Asbestos is a building material which was used before for roofing in residential and commercial buildings. In Australia, individuals living in the old buildings, which were assembled using any materials including asbestos, are presently focusing on removing the asbestos.

Asbestos substances that are found on the roof of any building present an extremely high risk to both residents and the outside surroundings around the place. Asbestos combined with cement fall off the ceiling and may chip off the roof. The processors may subsequently fall on surfaces inside the home so creating a health hazard.


Asbestos roof removal, similar to any kind of asbestos removal, has to be done under rules and regulations in accordance with The Queensland code of practice (2011). These regulations require that any kind of removal, whether big or small, should be undertaken by a contractor that is licensed. This really is because a licensed contractor will conform to all rules and regulations on managing the material.

Below are the steps in removing roof asbestos to follow :

Measure 1: Pre- Analyzing The Materials And Evaluating The Roof

At this point, the roof is evaluated to identify the kind of substance present. On one hand, friable asbestos breaks down into dust particles which float in the air. When these particles are inhaled, they collect in the respiratory system thereby causing mesothelioma. On the other hand, non-friable asbestos is bonded and this causes it to be less dangerous to the environment. The actual risk appears when particles are inhaled or consumed.

Because lots of particles settle there the gutter should be managed with extreme caution. Some ceilings, like the popcorn ceiling, are likely to contain asbestos. It is dangerous for anyone with no permit to remove asbestos on the roof. Hiring a class a permit holder is urged for this type of job because this type of contractor can manage more than 10 square meters of an area with either friable or non-friable asbestos.

A report is prepared giving details of the endeavors that can occur during the removal. The report is subsequently given to the homeowner who’ll hire a licensed contractor to perform the asbestos removal job.

Measure 2: Asbestos Removal

The hired contractor, together with his workers, begins the procedure for removing asbestos in the roof of the building and reports to the website.

asbestos-image-68Anyone managing asbestos should have their protective equipment, according to the work that is safe Australia code of practice. Overall, gloves and respiratory equipment should be worn through the removal procedure. The site must also be cordoned off to keep folks from the place.

The roof is kept wet to bind the loose particles together. It’s subsequently cut one section after another, out.

Measure 3: Disposal

The debris accumulated on the site labeled and should be put in sealed bags. The waste is subsequently disposed of away in places meant for asbestos debris disposal.

All these measures should be performed by a professional to prevent damage of the property.

Betty Mitchell