NOTICE OF THE FIFTH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE COMPANY'S SHAREHOLDERS Notice is hereby given that the fifth annual general meeting of the shareholders of the company will be held at 14h00 on Tuesday, 30 May 2006 in the auditorium at Parc du Cap 7, Mispel Road, Bellville, Cape Town for the following business: ›  to receive and adopt the annual financial statements of the company for the financial year ended 31 December 2005 ›  to transact such other business as may be transacted at an annual general meeting ›  to consider and, if deemed fit, to pass the following special and ordinary resolutions, with or without modifi- cations: SPECIAL RESOLUTION NUMBER 1 - GENERAL APPROVAL OF SHARE BUY-BACK It is proposed that the company renew its general approval for a share buy-back with the following special resolution: "Resolved that the board of directors of the company and of any subsidiary of the company be and are hereby authorised by way of a general approval to repurchase shares issued by the company, subject always to the provisions of the Companies Act 61 of 1973, as amended ("the Companies Act") and the listings requirements of the JSE Securities Exchange South Africa ("the listings requirements") and any other stock exchange upon which the shares of the company may be quoted or listed from time to time, and subject to such other conditions as may be imposed by any other relevant authority, and subject further to the following conditions: ›  this general approval shall be valid only until the company's next annual general meeting, provided that it does not extend beyond 15 months from the date of this resolution, during which time this general approval may be varied or revoked by special resolution passed at a general meeting of the company; ›  the general repurchase by the company of its own shares shall not, in aggregate in any one financial year, exceed a maximum of 20% of the company's issued share capital of that class at the time this general approval is granted; ›  in the case of an acquisition by a subsidiary of the company of shares in the company under this general approval, such acquisition shall be limited to a maximum of 10% in aggregate of the company's issued share capital at the time of such acquisition; ›  any acquisition under this general approval shall not be made at a price more than 10% above the volume weighted average traded price of the company's ordinary shares concerned for the five business days immediately preceding the date of the acquisition; ›  any acquisition in terms hereof may only be effected through the order book operated by the JSE trading system and may only be done without any prior under- standing or arrangement between the company and the counter party; ›  at any time, the company shall only appoint one agent to effect any acquisitions on the company's behalf in terms of this general approval; ›  any such acquisitions of the company's shares shall be announced when an aggregate of 3% of the initial number of shares has been purchased and for each 3% in aggregate of the initial number of shares acquired thereafter; ›  the company may only undertake an acquisition if, after such acquisition, it still complies with the share- holder spread requirements contained in the listings requirements; ›  the company or its subsidiaries may not acquire the company's shares during a prohibited period." GENERAL INFORMATION Information relating to: ›  the directors and management of the company can be found on pages 6 and 48 to 49 of the annual report accompanying this notice ›  the major shareholders of the company can be found on page 152 of the report ›  the directors' interests in the company can be found on page 76 of the report ›  the share capital of the company can be found on page 109 of the report ›  any litigation can be found on page 123 of the report. DIRECTORS' STATEMENT The directors of the company are of the opinion that, if the company were to enter into such a maximum repurchase during the period that the authority is valid, the require- ments of s85(4) of the Companies Act will have been met and that: ›  the company, and the company and its subsidiaries ("the group") will be able to pay its debts as they become due in the ordinary course of business for a period of 12 months after the date of this notice; NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL meeting